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UNFPA Iran Office, with financial support of some of UN agencies including FAO, UNICEF, UNAIDS AND UNDP is going to organize training on Developing National Capacities in Results-Based Management (RBM) for implementing partners from 19-20th January and 21-23rd January 2019 for UN staff.


Ms. Natalia Galat and Ms. Simona Costanzo, consultants from UN Staff College, will lead the training.


The objective of this workshop is to enhance the understanding and practical application of Results-based Management (RBM) at the national level.

More specifically, participants will:

  • Have a common understanding of the SDGs, UN country programming and new generation of the UN strategic frameworks (UNDAF), and their implications for the UN System effective country-level interventions to leave no one behind;
  • Enhance their awareness of the specific role and value of RBM in planning, monitoring, and reporting as applied to the SDGs, so as to promote and in still a broader culture of results;
  • Have an understanding of key RBM principles and concepts;
  • Be able to use RBM guidelines, tools, and methodologies, adapted to the country context and for leaving no one behind.


The curriculum is divided into four modules:


Module 1:  UN Development Assistance and SDGs

Module 2: RBM Fundamentals

Module 3: RBM: Addressing the Challenges to “leaving no one behind”

Module 3: Operationalizing RBM