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UNFPA, as the lead UN agency in promoting sexual and reproductive health, works with partners to strengthen health systems all over the world. UNFPA also supports the integration of HIV-prevention and treatment programmes into sexual and reproductive health care, so it is as readily available as possible.

In accordance with the principles of universality, integration, interconnectedness, country ownership, a people-centred life cycle approach and leaving no one behind, UNFPA will seek to strengthen health systems, and will build on the momentum created by the movement for universal health coverage. The programme will aim at increasing access to integrated sexual and reproductive health services, in order address inequity,  poor quality of, and the lack of social accountability for sexual and reproductive health services in all contexts, including humanitarian and fragile contexts, and in public health emergencies.

The 6th UNFPA Country Programme has been formulated to ensure that all Iranians, especially those furthest behind, have access to integrated sexual and reproductive health services free of coercion, discrimination and violence.

UNFPA Iran will support the Government of the I.R. Iran to increase capacity of national institutions to develop evidence-based policies and action plans for high-quality integrated sexual and reproductive health services for women and men, with a focus on at-risk populations, including in disaster and emergency settings.