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19 August 2021

World Humanitarian Day 2021:The climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis for women and girls in particular- Björn Andersson

As we mark World Humanitarian Day, we need to take urgent action to engage in climate adaptation, build climate resilience and prepare all the better for the escalating disasters, displacement and cycles of...

16 August 2021

Statement of UNFPA on situation in Afghanistan

UNFPA joins the United Nations Secretary-General and the international community in expressing its deep concern about the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. It is painful to witness the immense suffering caused by fighting and displacement, and particularly heartbreaking to learn of the devastating impact on

10 August 2021

Webinar on "Demographic Impacts of COVID-19: Fertility and Childbearing In the Era of Pandemic"

On Monday 9 August, the Statistical Research and Training Center (SRTC) of the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI), UNFPA, and the National Organization for Civil Registration (NOCR) jointly held a webinar on “Demographic impacts of COVID-19: Fertility and Childbearing in the Era of Pandemic”.  The webinar focused on a report

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